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Regional Service Delivery Map

  1. Taylor McCombs, tmccombs@foodbankiowa.org, 515-867-2883
  2. Annah Begg, abegg@foodbankiowa.org, 515-867-2887
  3. Marie Peterson, mpeterson@foodbankiowa.org, 515-867-2891
  4. Lexi Prigge, lprigge@foodbankiowa.org, 515-867-2884
  5. Neil Rosenberg, nrosenberg@foodbankiowa.org, 515-867-2882

Operations Manager: Alyssa Bear, abear@foodbankiowa.org, 515-867-2896
Retail Donation Manager: Sonja LeSher, slesher@foodbankiowa.org, 515-867-2890

Our Regional Partnership Coordinators are dedicated to serving Iowans in need. They analyze each county’s food needs, then work with local and regional partners to ensure that every Iowan in need has access to enough nutritious food. Reach out to the Regional Partnership Coordinator who serves your county to build a partnership or establish a program site.

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