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The only way we can solve hunger is by working together. The Food Bank of Iowa exists to build partnerships with organizations and individuals who share our goal: a hunger free Iowa. Our team of professionals is dedicated to providing our partners with the food and support they need to help their clients live healthier, better lives. Through our partners, we make a difference.


We need blue and red pallets

We have run out of red and blue pallets, and we need your help! 

We need these specific pallets in order to pack our trucks more efficiently—they are loadable in either direction, whereas plain wood pallets can only be loaded in one direction. More efficiently loaded trucks mean more food for you and the rest of our partners.

At the delivery of your next order, our driver will collect any red or blue pallets that you have received. We appreciate your efforts to help us make this happen!

Questions? Contact your Regional Partnership Coordinator.

Our Partners

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      Combat Hunger

      Combat Hunger

      November 16 & 17, 2017
      12th Street in downtown Des Moines
      Strike Out Hunger

      Strike Out Hunger

      Throughout the Iowa Cubs baseball season
      Unite2Feed Combo Meal Pack

      Unite2Feed Combo Meal Pack

      July 17, 2017
      Meals From the Heartland, 357 Lincoln St., West Des Moines, IA 50265

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