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Food Bank of Southern Iowa is now part of Food Bank of Iowa

On January 1, 2018, the Food Bank of Southern Iowa merged with the Food Bank of Iowa. Food Bank of Iowa has continued to serve Southeastern Iowa and the many great partners in this part of the state.

The only way we can solve hunger is by working together. The Food Bank of Iowa exists to build partnerships with organizations and individuals like you who share our goal: a hunger free Iowa. Our team of professionals is dedicated to providing our partners with the food and support they need to help their clients live healthier, better lives. Through our partners, we are able to make a difference.

The Food Bank of Southern Iowa and the Food Bank of Iowa have had a working relationship since 2012. When the opportunity presented itself for a merger, both organizations were excited. The added food sourcing power alone that this opportunity presents to our 55 county area will benefit everyone. Some of the other notable benefits include:

  • More items in the warehouse for partner ordering selection
  • Larger team to meet your needs
  • Online ordering
  • Ordering as many times as you need

Merger FAQ

When did this merger take place?
The merger took effect on Jan. 1, 2018. Prior to the merger, Food Bank of Southern Iowa (FBOSI) was a redistribution organization of Food Bank of Iowa. The merger formalizes this earlier relationship.

What service area will be covered by Food Bank of Iowa?
Food Bank of Iowa is responsible for 55 Iowa counties, including all 13 counties formerly served by Food Bank of Southern Iowa. The Food Bank has divided these counties into 5 regions for efficient management by regional partnership coordinators. The area formerly served by FBOSI is now Region 5, and is served by Neil Rosenberg, Regional Partnership Coordinator.

What benefits does the merger provide?
Because Food Bank of Iowa serves more than half of the state, it has access to far greater food and fund resources than FBOSI. That access means that Food Bank of Iowa’s inventory of food is significantly larger and more diverse than FBOSI’s. All of that food will now be available to partner agencies affiliated with FBOSI, should they choose to become partners of Food Bank of Iowa. Ottumwa staff members will receive full benefits as FBOI staff members. Partners will have access to FBOI’s 24/7 online ordering system, and will be able to order as often as necessary.

What changes will the merger bring to Ottumwa?
The staff, vehicles, and buildings that were part of FBOSI’s operations are now part of FBOI’s operation. All FBOSI partner agencies will become FBOI partners, unless they choose not to do so. Some changes will be included in the merger, such as the switch to an online ordering system. Staff will share information about any changes with partners as these changes come about.

What can partner agencies expect from the merger?
Partners can expect larger quantities and varieties of food available, 24/7 access to the inventory and ordering system, ability to place orders as often as necessary, and uninterrupted food distribution service.

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