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September 15, 2018 | Newsletter

Even before the last piece of construction equipment left our Des Moines distribution center, our team was already hard at work taking advantage of a much more efficient space and expanded refrigerated and frozen capacity.

The 18 months of our renovation project were a time of extraordinary change for Food Bank of Iowa. Through the project itself, we built a firm foundation for the next 20 years of our work. Through strategic growth in our staff and operations, we built a team of excellent professionals dedicated to our mission. Through support from donors like you, we were able to complete the project early and under budget.

What does this change look like?

Before After
Warehouse racking for non-perishable storage was designed for less than ¼ of our activity New, efficient racking allows for better use of space and long-term storage that supports our distribution needs
A small, outdated freezer unit limited the amount of nutritious frozen meat, vegetables, and other products we could receive Our new freezer includes nearly three times as much space to store the best foods we can acquire
A small, outdated cooler unit prevented our team from acquiring large quantities of important foods like fruits, vegetables, and dairy items An enormous cooler with dedicated racking and two temperature zones provides more than five times the storage for garden produce, milk, eggs, and more
Volunteers worked at temporary setups in our warehouse, exposed to all activities, including forklift traffic Volunteers work in a dedicated, safe, climate controlled room, allowing volunteers as young as 10 to join us
Our office staff worked in disjointed, makeshift offices, with non-ADA compliant restrooms and other outdated facilities Our team enjoys a comfortable, collaborative open office environment with natural light and fully ADA compliant facilities


The best way to witness our change in action is to visit for a tour and see it for yourself. Contact Laura Sheriff at 515-564-0332 or lsheriff@foodbankiowa.org or visit www.foodbankiowa.org/contact to schedule your visit!

Danny Akright |

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