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Stories of Hunger – Pat

February 4, 2020 | Media Center, Stories of Hunger

Pat was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor five years ago; the brain tumor causes him to have seizures which leaves him jobless. Everly Ball Community Mental Health Services has helped Pat tremendously over the years. They provide outpatient psychiatric evaluations and medication management, counseling and therapy, 24-hour emergency services, and intensive community-based services for adults. 

“I don’t have to worry about going hungry,” Pat said. “Without pantries like Catholic Charities, I would be hurting.”

Pat visits Catholic Charities Monday through Friday every week. Although he does get his groceries from Catholic Charities, he also tries to help out when needed. Pat will help carry heavy boxes of food to clients’ cars.

“Tom (an employee of Catholic Charities) helps me out a lot. He always makes sure I go to my doctor appointments, even when I don’t want to,” Pat said. The volunteers and employees at Catholic Charities provide their community with food, but they also create fellowship with their clients. Those relationships are so meaningful to people who need support.

Sadly, his situation is not uncommon. More than 38 million people are living in poverty in America. In 2019, most families living in poverty earn less than $25,750 per year, according to Feeding America

“I want to say thank you,” Pat said. “There’s a lot of people that come through here that have nothing so without Food Bank of Iowa and the pantries, we would be hurting.”



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