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Food Bank of Iowa Recovers and Distributes Record Amount of Food in 2019

January 13, 2020 | Press Releases

Despite distributing and rescuing a record-shattering amount of food in 2019, Food Bank of Iowa is still working to fill pantries and fully meet the needs of Iowans struggling with food insecurity.

Last year, Food Bank of Iowa acquired and delivered more than 17 million pounds of food, a 30 percent increase compared to the previous year. The group also saw a record amount of food rescued through retail donation collaborations. These food rescue efforts kept 4.7 million pounds of quality food out of the landfill and delivered it to Iowans in need. This is an increase of 34 percent from the prior year.

“I am grateful for local food pantries and other organizations who hand out the food we provide,” said Michelle Book, Food Bank of Iowa’s president and CEO. “Because of these vital frontline organizations, many Iowans struggling with food insecurity are getting the nutrition they need to live healthy, full lives. Still, others continue to struggle. There’s more work to be done”

Food Bank of Iowa sources free and reduced-cost food, keeps it safe and transports it across 55 Iowa counties to 625 partner agencies, including food pantries, shelters, meal sites and schools. By recovering perfectly edible—but unsellable—food from wholesalers, retailers and individuals, the Food Bank helps to ensure that more than 175,000 struggling Iowans in their service area have access to vital nutritional resources.

Nearly 12 percent of Iowans live in poverty and, according to a study by Feeding America, more than 340,000 Iowans struggle with food insecurity. Although the level of need varies from slight to severe among food insecure Iowans, one thing remains clear: A lack of adequate nutrition has an adverse effect on health, development and livelihood for each person impacted.

“I am proud of the partnership we have with donors, volunteers, community food pantries and our team for reaching this milestone, but we can’t stop to celebrate,” said Book.

Any organization or individual interested in joining the fight against hunger in Iowa can find opportunities on the Food Bank of Iowa website. Donating funds, food or time to Food Bank of Iowa makes a difference for Iowans in need across their service area.

Food Bank of Iowa is a private, nonprofit, donor-funded organization dedicated to making hunger-free Iowa a reality. Through key partnerships with corporations, the USDA and Feeding America—as well as community donations—Food Bank of Iowa distributes 1.5 million pounds of food each month to 175,000 Iowans via 625 partner agencies across 55 Iowa counties.

To learn more, visit www.foodbankiowa.org or find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/foodbankiowa.

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