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Steve Challenges You to Do Big Things

September 7, 2021 | The Extra Mile

Steve Siembieda is one of our most enthusiastic volunteers at Food Bank of Iowa. In April, Steve asked our Volunteer Coordinators what the record number was for BackPack sacks made in a single shift. The answer was 1,050. Steve challenged other volunteers and said for every BackPack made, he’d donate $1.

The team ended up creating 1,350 bags. That meant Steve’s donation would be $1,350, but he rounded up and gave an amazing $2,000.

“Truth be told,” Steve says, “I didn’t know much about the Food Bank a year ago. It wasn’t until I signed up to do a Saturday shift back in June of last year that I realized that coming to the Food Bank would be so rewarding and in so many ways. It’s the ability to give back but it’s also the people.”

Steve says he was fortunate enough to have been raised in a home where he never missed a meal, and he’s very blessed to be able to support his family now. Today, he believes in giving back in all ways.

“A steady source of food is something not everyone has.”

And Steve does his best to spread his enthusiasm to fellow volunteers when he spends time at the Food Bank.

We’re grateful to our devoted volunteers like Steve who share our mission. Thank you for supporting Food Bank of Iowa to meet the increased need for food all year long.

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The Food Bank of Iowa’s mission is to provide food for Iowa children, families, and seniors to lead full and active lives, strengthening the communities where they live. Serving 55 of Iowa’s 99 counties, the Food Bank of Iowa distributed 9,281,828 meals last year.

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