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Combat Hunger

Stay tuned for details to come about our 2020 Combat Hunger date! | Locust Street in downtown Des Moines

The largest food drive in the state of Iowa, Star 102.5’s Combat Hunger raised more than 232,287 meals for Iowans in need in 2019. Join us as we continue to make a difference for Iowans in need!

Star 102.5 started Combat Hunger more than 25 years ago with one mission: help the Food Bank of Iowa provide meals for Iowans in need. Since then, Combat Hunger has provided millions of meals through the downtown encampment and food drives all across Central Iowa.

Get Involved: Start your own Combat Hunger food drive! 

  • Use our Food Drive Toolkit (PDF) to get tips on how to run a successful food drive
  • Gather non-perishable food drive items at your office or school!
  • Donate funds toward the purchase of meals at Food Bank of Iowa: $1 = 4 meals

GO GREEN! Participate in our “Virtual Food Drive” to leverage the Food Bank of Iowa’s bulk purchasing power and reduce the footprint of purchased food.  Create a team to allow for your entire organization to work toward one goal, with a link that can be sent to family, friends, and colleagues. Virtual food drive options range from $7.30 for an emergency food box to $175 to sponsor a child in the BackPack Program for one year.


Click here to find out who participated in Combat Hunger 2019!


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