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Fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, lean protein. Some of the most nutritious foods are also some of the hardest for the Food Bank of Iowa to find. We work through our Field to Food Bank Initiatives to provide these important products for our partners and programs.

Corporate Gardens provide a steady stream of fruits and vegetables during the growing season. Our current corporate gardens include John Deere Financial, Pioneer, Farm Bureau Financial Services and Nationwide, and we are always looking for new garden partners.

Newton Correctional Facility, Mt. Pleasant Correctional Facility and Iowa Correctional Facility for Women grow acres of fresh produce for the Food Bank of Iowa with the help of a crew of offenders who plant, tend and harvest the crops. We at the Food Bank of Iowa greatly appreciate their hard work and the food that they provide.

HUSH (Help Us Stop Hunger) is a program run by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources that allows deer hunters to donate legally harvested venison through licensed meat lockers throughout Iowa. The Food Bank of Iowa receives frozen ground venison, which is an excellent source of lean protein—not to mention delicious! Learn more about the HUSH program.

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