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Each weekday morning, volunteers visit four stores — 3 Hy-Vee locations and 1 Kum & Go location — in our refrigerated van and pick up totes filled with edible but unsellable food set aside by store staff. After sorting the food by category (e.g. fresh fruit or prepared meals), volunteers deliver the totes to a group of Food Bank of Iowa partnered food pantries. Within hours of being picked up from partnered stores, the rescued food is on its way to help Iowans in need.

What does “edible but unsellable” mean? Stores that sell food that can spoil quickly (like bananas, milk, or prepared salads) have a certain window of time in which they can sell that food. If the food is not purchased before it passes that window — but well before it spoils — it becomes what we call “edible but unsellable.” The food is still safe to consume, wholesome, and nutritious, but the store is unable to sell it to a consumer.

Get Involved

Volunteers are responsible for picking up, sorting, and distributing the food rescued by the Agency Shopping Mobile. Those interested must be willing and able to commit to the same full morning or full afternoon shift on a weekly basis.

To learn more or sign up as a volunteer, contact Michaela Devaney at mdevaney@foodbankiowa.org.

Donations help support all our work at Food Bank of Iowa, from localized food rescue projects like the Agency Shopping Mobile to distributions of more than 1 million lbs. of food each month. Make a gift today to support our work — every $1 you give can provide up to 4 meals for Iowans in need!

Rescue Partners

Food Bank of Iowa is proud to partner with Hy-Vee Stores and Kum & Go on this important food rescue initiative.


Funds from Partnership for a Hunger Free Polk County supported the purchase and outfitting of the Agency Shopping Mobile’s refrigerated van. Meyocks designed the vehicle graphics pro bono.

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