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What do we do? We gather and distribute nutritious food. We build partnerships with community organizations. We tell the story of food insecurity.

We’ve built a system that provides vital food to pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, schools and others. We strive each day to ensure that no child, senior or family in Iowa has to struggle to find food.

What do we do? We fight hunger.

We acquire food from individual food donors, food drives, retail stores, food producers, wholesalers, the USDA (through The Emergency Food Assistance Program) and our Field to Food Bank Initiatives. We also purchase food with money donated to us by individual donors and foundations. Our food needs are high—1 million pounds of food flows through our warehouse each month—so we have a dedicated team focused on getting the right food in the right quantities.

We distribute food through our network of over 625 partner agencies—food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, schools and others—and through four programs designed to serve Iowans in need directly. Our team of dedicated professionals, spearheaded by our Regional Partnership Coordinators, distribute the equivalent of 10 million meals per year.

We ensure that all the food we distribute is safe for consumption. In order to ensure that we meet the highest standards of food safety, we submit our facility to rigorous inspection conducted by AIB International. Our most recent inspection took place in September 2018, and we are proud that our Des Moines distribution center passed with flying colors.
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