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Download the Food Bank of Iowa's BackPack Program™ resources to help promote the program in your community.

How to become a BackPack Program™ school

How To Apply

Review the pre-application checklist, then complete the application. Send your documents to Kate Pauly, Regional Partnership Coordinator, at kpauly@foodbankiowa.org.

The Food Bank of Iowa has partnered with local school districts to implement the BackPack Program™. A site coordinator is identified at each program location to assist with participant identification, program implementation, distribution, reporting and evaluation.

Elementary schools who are interested in becoming a Food Bank of Iowa program partner must apply for membership. Program members will be selected twice annually and must meet the minimum set of criteria with preference to those who serve an underserved area.

Questions may be asked and/or clarification may be needed from your school as the applications are reviewed.

We are currently seeking partners in the following counties:

Osceola, Emmet, Kossuth, Humboldt, Hancock, Hamilton, Dallas, and Madison