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Partner Agency Orientation

The Food Bank of Iowa is proud to offer our New Partner Agency Orientation program. The New Partner Agency Orientation is a one day session scheduled quarterly from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the Food Bank of Iowa in Des Moines. All new partner agencies as of July 2013 are required to attend the orientation. The orientation is timed to coincide with the dates in which new partner agencies begin their affiliation with the Food Bank.

The orientation will help you understand the requirements and benefits of your partnership with the Food Bank of Iowa, the types of products available, helpful hints on how to order and utilize our resources, and includes a live online ordering training, a warehouse tour including the shopping areas and food safety training for those who need it. Lunch is also included in the day's activities.

The orientation also provides a great opportunity to meet the Food Bank of Iowa’s staff, see our facility and learn the ropes of what it means to be a partner agency.

What if you are an existing partner agency?

We know our existing partner agencies experience changes on a daily basis and regularly bring on new volunteers. As such, when we have open seats in the orientation, we will open it up to our existing partners. To ensure as many agencies as possible have access to the orientation, existing partner agencies will be limited to one seat per agency.

If you are an existing partner and would be interested in attending the orientation, mark the dates of the upcoming sessions on your calendar. When we are two weeks out from the orientation date and if there are seats available, we will send out a note that existing agencies may register for the orientation. These spaces will be reserved on a first come, first served basis.

If we see an increased demand to attend these sessions from existing partners, we will consider adding additional sessions throughout the year.

What Others are Saying...

I am the Outreach Director for Hamilton, Humboldt, Webster and Wright Counties. I recently attended the Food Bank of Iowa Orientation. I would highly recommend anyone that is new to an agency or anyone who has never had the chance to attend this orientation to make the time for the next one that is offered. It was not only informative, but it was a wonderful time to collaborate with other food pantry agencies across Iowa. I found the Food Bank of Iowa staff to be very friendly and helpful. The tour of the Food Bank was amazing as well. Up until the orientation I was only familiar with our local food pantry and didn't really understand the whole process in how the Food Bank obtained its food. The whole process is quite unique. Thank you for this opportunity.
– Mary Ohrtman, Upper Des Moines Opportunity, Inc.
The Food Bank of Iowa orientation was fantastic. It was a great opportunity to learn exactly how the Food Bank operates, but even more importantly how OUR organization can best utilize all services available to us. In the weeks since the orientation we have been able to serve our clients thousands of pounds of additional produce! I cannot express enough the gratitude I have for the Food Bank's staff for all they do for our community! I encourage all agency partners to attend the Food Bank's orientation to better serve our families in central Iowa.
– Laura Teachout, Bidwell Riverside Center
I am so glad I came to the new agency orientation class. I have been an agency ordering from the Food Bank for many years. I wondered if I would learn anything new. I was so surprised, the class was so fun and so helpful. We even got to tour the warehouse. I have been in the warehouse many times, but this time we toured the sorting area and the whole warehouse. Going to this class will help me to do my job even better. Thanks Food Bank of Iowa!
– Fern Klemm, St. Vincent De Paul

Upcoming Orientations

Orientation will be held every other month, and will try to line up with the timelines in which we bring on our new partner agencies. Upcoming orientations will take place at the Food Bank of Iowa in Des Moines on the following dates:

  • December 14
  • February 8
  • April 12

Click here to view the Food Bank of Iowa Orientation Agenda

Question? Contact Lexi Prigge, Food Bank of Iowa agency relations coordinator, at 515-564-0330.